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Immigration Fees


The fees provided below should be used as a reference only, as each case is customized to the specific circumstances of each client. For example in cross-border or complex cases the fees and the timescale may differ from those stated below. The fee in this instance will be quoted in advance.


Our fees (Excluding VAT which is currently 20%)

Home Office/Court fee per person*


Initial Consultation




EU Settlement Scheme Applications

ECAA Separate Dependant application

Status documents requests





Citizenship (Naturalisation or Registration)


Child Registration £1,000

Adult Registration £1,000

£1,330 Naturalisation
£1,012 Child Registration

European Economic Area Applications
(e.g. Family Permit, Registration Certificate, Permanent Residence or Family Members)



Partner or parent applications – Limited Leave to Remain
(In-country or from abroad)

£1,000- £1,500

In country: £1,033 plus Immigration Health Surcharge- £400 per year
From overseas: £1,523 plus IHS

Indefinite Leave to Remain
(e.g. on basis of Long Residence, Ankara Agreement, family relationships, or other routes – in-country only)

£1,500 – £2,000

£2,389 if required for the application

Points Based System applications
(in-country or from abroad)

Tier 1: £3,500

Tier 2: 
Stage 1- £2,500
Stage 2- £1,200
Stage 3- £1,000

Tier 4: £1,000- £1,500

Tier 5:  £1,000 + £2,500 if licence is required

Home Office fees vary depending on your application category
Immigration Health Surcharge Fee- Varies depending on length visa

Family Member Immigration Appeal

Grounds: £750

Hearing: £2,000

Court fee: £140


Counsel fee: TBA


Initial stage including representations and evidence gathering: £750
Appeal: £2,000

Court fee: £140


Counsel fee: TBA

Judicial Reviews

Initial stage including representations and evidence gathering: £600
Judicial Review: £2,000

Initial court fee: £154
Later court fees may apply depending on how far your case proceeds



Court fee: £140

Passport Applications



Ankara Agreement

Self Employed (application from UK): £1,200

Self Employed (application from Turkey): £2,200

Self Employed (additional dependants): £750

Employed: £1,000


Spouse Visa

Application: £1,500
Extension of Visa: £1,500

Home Office fees vary depending on your application
Immigration Health Surcharge Fee – £400 per year

Visitors Visa


Home Office fees vary depending on your application

Biometric Residence Permit

No Time Limit: £500
Transfer of condition:£500

Home Office fees vary depending on your application

Reconsideration of Application



*  In addition, other disbursements may be incurred in your case if required. These commonly include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Interpreting: Usually charged at £25 per hour for interpreting and £10 per hour for travel and expenses if interpretation is provided by the firm. Otherwise, the fee is to be advised on an individual basis.
  • Translation of documents- Fees to be advised on an individual basis.
  • Expert reports (i.e. from medical specialists, social workers or country experts): Fees vary according to the expert required.
  • Passport Application:   Online- £75.50      Paper- £85.00
  • Adult Passport Application: Online- £85.50  Paper- £95.00
  • Child Passport Application: Online- £49.00  Paper- £58.50 Overseas: £98.51
  • Business Plan: Fees to be advised on an individual basis.
  • Counsel Fees:  Counsel can be instructed upon request. Counsel’s fees would be advised on an individual basis.
  • VCAS Fees:  Fees vary according to application.

** Initial consultation fee will be deducted from the final bill if we then go on to deal with your case.

Time frames
The length of time needed to prepare and submit an application will depend on the nature and complexity of the application, the time required to gather all supporting documentation, and, in certain cases, the time needed to fulfil specific regulatory requirements. We can provide a more accurate estimate once we receive additional information about your specific case.

The timeframe for UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to reach a decision on an application will also vary . You can read the UKVI visa processing times ( 

Key Stages

The fees outlined above cover all the work related to the key stages of a claim. This includes discussing your circumstances, assessing eligibility, exploring potential solutions, reviewing supporting evidence, obtaining additional evidence if needed, preparing and submitting the application, providing advice on interviews if requested, and offering guidance on the outcome and next steps. Please note that the mentioned stages are indicative only and vary on a case by case basis. 

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