Clinical Negligence

Miya Solicitors handles all clinical negligence claim work on a national basis. This includes, but is not limited to

• Accident and emergency claims
• Operation Claims
• Pregnancy, Birth and Gynecological claims
• Hospital Acquired Infections
• GP and Community Health Claims
• Dental Negligence Claims
• Optical Claims
• Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Health care providers have a duty to treat you with an appropriate standard of skill and care. This standard is met if a responsible body of medical opinion, even if that body is in the minority, find that the conduct is acceptable. If not, your health care provider (be it your doctors or any other health professional) may have committed a breach of their duty of care owed to you. This breach may occur by an act or omission during the treatment. If this breach causes loss, injury or death, a clinical negligence claim arises.

Through out the treatment you should also expect to have all the risks that might be involved in your treatment explained to you. This allows you to give informed consent for your treatment. If you are not given all the appropriate information, you may have a claim.

Our Ethos

We at Miya understand the stress, inconvenience and loss of confidence medical negligence can have on a client.

At Miya we focus on assessing each case on its specific circumstances.

We offer a full range of support to our clients which includes physical, emotional, legal and financial support.

At the same time, we strive to obtain the maximum amount of compensation our clients  deserve whilst explore rehabilitation at the earliest opportunity.