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Judicial Review


If you need to challenge an immigration decision, Judicial Review might be the only avenue available. We can help.

Judicial Review Lawyers, London

Judicial Review is a process by which the decision of a public body, including the Home Office and First-Tier Tribunal, can be challenged or overturned. You can only use the Judicial Review process in very specific circumstances, as it is not intended to determine whether your case is right or wrong, but whether the correct procedures, policy and practices have been followed to arrive at the decision. Judicial Review proceedings are complicated, and you should seek the advice of a specialist immigration solicitor before proceeding.

Making an application for Judicial Review

Before making a claim for Judicial Review, you should discuss with a solicitor whether you have other options for challenging the decision made against you. There is a strict time limit on Judicial Review claims so it is important to act quickly, you must make an application for Judicial Review within 3 months of the decision being made against you. There are three grounds for Judicial Review; illegality, irrationality and procedural unfairness. Each of these has a very specific definition in law and your immigration lawyer will be able to determine whether Judicial Review might be an option for you.

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We can help you to make an application for Judicial Review

If after reviewing your case we believe you have a good prospect of success at Judicial Review proceedings, we will help you to make an application and can present your case in subsequent proceedings. We are here to help.

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